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Men’s Black Leather Nobleman's Boots with Blue Embroidery and Removable Straps
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Aris Archer Mens Blue Embroidered Renaissance Boots
Aris Archer

Men’s Black Leather Nobleman's Boots with Blue Embroidery and Removable Straps

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 Men’s Black Leather Knee Boots with Blue Embroidery, 8 Buttons, and Removable Buckled Straps
• Durable: Made from thick, sturdy action leather, they will last as long as your work boots. This also means that they have a break-in period. Like all thick leather boots they will be stiff until you have worn them for hours - so if you are buying them at the last minute for a whole weekend of adventure; please plan on wearing them over your jeans and/or thick socks. Because you can loosen or tighten the laces for a custom fit you should easily be able to do this.
• Knee High: Approximately 16.5-17.5” tall depending on the shoe size.
• Easy Lacing: Button lace-up and split design opens the boot all the way down so you can easily remove them - no pulling when you want to take them off.
Sturdy Soles: Sole is 1/4" thick and made from hard rubber. Heel is 1 3/8" tall with 3/8" thick rubber tread.
Perfect For: Pirate, Renaissance, LARP, SCA, Steampunk cosplay.
• Weddings: Perfect for outfitting your Renaissance Wedding Party. Click here to see our Wedding Discount.
• Item #
: 661-BL

• US Men's Sizes: Available in most whole and half sizes.
• Fits true to size: After trying these on countless customers they overwhelmingly say that these fit like your normal shoe size would.
• Roomy fit: Because of the extra room inside and ability to adjust the lacing, our customers say they fit from narrow to wide (approximately EE) feet. And since the inside is so roomy it's likely there'll be room for an additional thin insole or your prescription orthotics.
• US Women's Sizes: Fit most women who wear a size 8 and larger. Click here to see what size women should order in these boots.
• Fits nearly all calf sizes:
- Top of boot adjusts as large as 19.5 inches on size 8.
- Top of boot adjusts as large as 21.5 inches on size 11. 
- These boots can be worn with even larger calves by allowing them to be worn a little open at the top. The laces will keep them on.

• Buttons are screw-back and can be replaced with any other screw-back or stud buttons (they have been fastened with Loctite - you may have to heat them with a blowdryer to aid in their removal).
• The laces can easily be replaced with cord, ribbon, leather, ribbon, or twine.
• They are unlined: this will allow you to easily embellish them with stitching, beading, or studs.

• Your order will ship within 5 business days after purchase, but we cannot guarantee a delivery date once it gets to the mail carrier. We ship from Baltimore, MD and carriers generally take between 1-8 days to reach any address in the Continental U.S.
• It’s very rare but once in awhile someone rips the loops the laces go through. If this happens we are happy to pay for the repair (up to 6 months from receipt).

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