Renaissance Wedding Discount

Renaissance, Steampunk, or Pirate Wedding?

Is yer buxom lass wanting yer trip to the altar to be a notorious affair?
• Keep yourself out of the tux monkey suit by suggesting a Renaissance Wedding.
• No little glass swans on each table... skulls with swords in 'em!
• A $2,000 dress she'll never wear again??? Try a cleavage-spilling velvet gown she'll be able to don every Halloween (git yer farthing's worth!).
• And BOOTS for all yer groomsmens…

Buy 4 pairs and the groom gets his for free!!

Buy our boots for the groom and groomsmen and send us wedding photos for our website. As long as we get 3 photos of the wedding party that are good enough to use on our site we’ll refund the cost of the most expensive pair of boots you bought from us for the wedding!

Before You Order:
Call 410-990-0005 for details when you start the process of getting everybody’s size before buying the boots. We have lots of tips for fitting various shapes and sizes of men and women. Also, you will need to know our terms for this offer (like: you pay exact cost of shipping if you have any second shipments or exchanges - so try to give us everybody's order all at once).